The SINING(ART) Workshop

Parents and children will enjoy Action Painting!
This art experience draws inspiration from artists known for their action and movement techniques, such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. Dripping paint, splattering paint, and drawing lines. We invite you and your child to experience the world of action painting in a fun way. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are at painting! Each parent and child's individual movements will create unique and special abstract art. Enjoy the process of creation and have a wonderful time together!

*Parent and Child/2 Siblings, children in the same family will get to work on a canvas board. Then work together in making art on one big canvas board.
*Each participant will work on two canvas boards.
*Due to the fluidity of the paint, it will take 1-2 hours to dry. You may choose to (1) return to pick up your work 2 hours after the end of the workshop or (2) have it mailed to you at a later date (cash on delivery).

Event Overview

1th June. 2024 11:00-13:00
▼Entree fee
Parent and Child / 2 Siblings, children in the same family : 6000 yen (Additional Participant + 3000 yen) , Single Participant (Child or Adult): 4500 yen
*Please pay by cash on the day of the workshop
*The workshop is open to ages 4 years and older.Please note that if the participant is kindergarten age (4-6 years old), they would need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the workshop.
*Cancellation policy: 100% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations from the day before to the day of the event.

Participation Reservation