Talk Session and Workshop by traditional craftsmen

Discover the fascination of the traditional techniques of Chusen, Katagami, and Tortoiseshell processing handed down from the Edo period, and talk with craftspeople.
Two themes will explore the depth of traditional crafts: the first focuses on dyeing, which adds color to the beauty of tenugui hand towels and yukata, and will be introduced by a kata carver who carves molds for dyeing; the second focuses on the appeal of tortoiseshell processing, and a tortoiseshell craftsman will talk about his skills and fascination with the process.

Tortoiseshell is a processed product of sea turtle shells and has been loved as a luxury item since the Edo period (1603-1868) because of its beauty and lightness. It is used for eyeglass frames, combs, hairpins, obi clasps, brooches, buttons, etc., and its unique patterns attract many people even today.

The curved surfaces of Mr. Yamakawa's thoroughly polished pieces are so beautiful with multiple layers of luster that they cannot be compared to plastic replicas.

Japanese dyeing techniques are diverse, and one of them, "katazome" (stencil dyeing), used for kimono komon, tenugui (hand towels), and yukata (summer kimonos), creates unique beauty. In particular, the "Chusen" technique, used to decorate tenugui and yukata, uses stencils to print dye, achieving delicate patterns and beautiful colors.

The lower right photo shows a glass square plate. Matsui's new challenge is to reconstruct Isekatagami, which usually goes unnoticed by us as a "tool for dyeing," in a new form as a "tool for daily life.

Experience "mold carving" in the workshop!

In this workshop, visitors can experience cutting out kimono patterns and designs on processed Japanese paper (katajishi) using an engraving knife.
※The workshop will use an engraving knife. If elementary school children are participating in this workshop, we ask that their parents or guardians watch over them.

Event Overview

26th May. 2024 14:00-16:00
▼Entree fee
2,200 yen/person
*Please pay by cash on the day of the workshop

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