Upcycling Workshop:Making colorful trays with PET bottle caps

PET bottle caps actually vary in raw materials and hardness.In this workshop, participants will learn about the raw materials and characteristics of PET bottle caps and experience the process from the time they are made into "usable materials (chips). Chips made from PET bottle caps become more attractive materials depending on how they are combined and mixed. Using these chips, participants will make colorful and cute trays that can be used as a receptacle for small items or flowerpots.

Event Overview

25th FEB 2024 13:00-16:00
▼Entree fee
Adult ¥3,500/person
Parent and child ¥4,500/group (1 adult+1 child) ※7years old or older

*Please bring one PET bottle cap you would like to use. We will provide the materials, but we hope that by using your own caps, you will enjoy upcycling in a more familiar way.
*Only children are not allowed to participate.
*Parent-child participation includes one adult and one elementary/junior high school student. Children over high school age are charged at the adult rate.
*PET bottle caps are small and surprisingly hard, so a certain amount of force is required to turn them into chips. For safety reasons, only adults are allowed to work on the chipping process. There are many fun processes involved, such as the process of making trays and thinking about the combination of chips. Please understand and enjoy the workshop with your parents and children.
*Ironing will be used. Parents are requested to support their children's work. We will provide gloves, etc., and will work carefully, but please be careful of burns, etc., and ask that parents/guardians work with their children. Please note that the organizer and the facility will not be responsible for any injuries or burns that may occur.
*Please do not bring children who are not participating in the workshop. *Cancellation from 3 days prior to the event to the day of the event will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the participation fee.

Participation Reservation