Art&SAKE Night

The theme of this "Night Event of CO-SAKU Community" is "Art & Sake" and it will be held on March9. It is intended for adults, but parents and children are welcome to attend! If you don't know what art is, have no artistic sense, or have never done it before, don't worry. Patrick, an educator from the Philippines who teaches at an international school, will help you have a wonderful art-making experience.After the experience, enjoy delicious sake and a good time together!

"Scrape Painting for Process Art"Workshop

In this workshop, you will experience "Scrape Painting for Process Art" using a familiar tool in your home, the squeegee. Process art is an expression that emphasizes the process of creating artwork and focuses on the characteristics of materials and techniques. Rather than trying to create a good work of art, you will enjoy the process of creating a work of art by thinking and working with your own hands. Of course, we are sure that it will be a very nice piece of art work, showing your imagination.

Event Outline

9th MAR 2024 until around 8:00 p.m.
▼Workshop time
①16:30-17:30 ②15:00-16:00 ③13:30-14:30
*Only the 16:30-17:30 session is currently open for registration!
▼Entree fee
Adults ¥7,000/person (includes workshop fee+1drink)
Children (4-12 years old) ¥3,000/person (workshop fee only) 

*Cash payment on the day of the event.
*Children only are not allowed to participate.
*All participants are required to attend the art workshop. If you attend an early workshop,you may leave the room and return to the CO-SAKU Room around 18:00.
*It can get messy! Please wear comfortable clothing that you’ll be OK, possibly, getting stained on. Please bring an art smock (if you have). Please bring a lot of imagination, creativity, and an open-mind.
*The workshop will be conducted in English, with Japanese support if necessary.
*Please feel free to join us even if you do not like sake or cannot drink. Soft drinks will be provided.

Sining Atelier and the Atelierista

SINING is Art in the Filipino language.
A workshop that challenges each individual to IMAGINE, CREATE, and EXPLORE. An art appreciation class that enables each artist to INTERACT with diferent materials and tools such as wood, plastic, acrylic paint, clay, plaster, alcohol ink, and many more.

About the Atelierista:
Hello! My name is Patrick! I am an Early Childhood Educator from the Philippines working at an International School in Tokyo. I have nurtured, taught, and learned from young minds for over 15 years in the Philippines, Singapore, and Japan.
Throughout my professional journey, I have discovered my love for the arts and the creative process behind it while sharing the experience with children of varying ages.
I believe that making Art transcends ages, and everyone can enjoy it, no matter the technique, style, or medium. I intend to share my passion for the creative process and make connections with like-minded people through the Sining Workshops.

Enjoy delicious sake talk with Artist RYO!

Ms. Ryo is a handmade artist who loves hats and sake. He usually makes and sells hats as a remake designer. Please enjoy delicious sake selected by Ryo-san!

▲Hats by Ryo's brand "memento". The remake design that shines with individuality is cool!

Participation Reservation